What follows are excerpts from informal recordings of a handful of the more than fifty songs Steve wrote.

  • Recycled Pain (I’m Having Fun) © 1990

    “Not afraid to look the fool - there's all different kinds of cool. He who hesitates ... takes a bit longer.”


  • Everyday Scenes © 1995

    “Fantastic happenings are going on behind the everyday scenes.”


  • Empty Sky – © 1998

    “Driving up and down the highway of sound; picking up the loose and the lost and the found. Drop 'em off soft from whence where they came; not a single soul feels the same.”


  • Put on Your Best Suit © 1998

    “We must bid our sacred friend a most fond and pleasant trip. And heaven knows if the good lord shows, I'm gonna give him a big fat lip.”


  • Into the Eye © 2008

    “Oh darlin’ you are a disgrace. I never seen such a beautiful face. Why are you not in the circus show? Charging admission, on display, makin’ all the people pay.”

  • Catch © 2008

    “Catch me in the rising sun. I’ll be the flame whose time has come. Watch me burn hot bright and true. Watch me snap crackle pop for you.”


  • All That I See © 2010

    “You only get one life, so try not to waste it. Take care of this moment and you will find your place in the present time, the present place ... so open up your present.”